Dentistry for Kids

We believe

visiting the dentist should be both informative and fun. There are many interesting and exciting things happening in your child’s mouth. Creating positive dental experiences from day one is our goal. Our calm, proactive approach helps to secure a lifetime of happy visits.

Dentistry for Kids

Happy Visits for Kids

Reflections Dental makes brushing, flossing and swishing fun. Your child has a lifetime of dental visits to look forward to. We want to ensure that visiting the dentist is a positive and educational experience for every member of your family. Our friendly team is dedicated to maintaining a calm and relaxing atmosphere during every procedure from cleanings to restorative care. We are always ready to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about your child’s dental health. It is our goal to help instill positive habits that will carry on for a lifetime.

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Friendly and inviting, Dr. Hill and the professional team at Reflections Dental in Kelowna endeavor to make every moment relaxing and informative.