Dr. Graham Hill

Having grown up in Kelowna,

surrounded by the beauty of the Okanagan Valley with its lakes and orchards and vineyards, I feel so blessed to have been able to make my home here. It gives me a real sense of community to have patients that have known me since I was just a small child. I have fixed teeth for former neighbours, teachers, people I delivered newspapers to as a kid, childhood friends and classmates. Although Kelowna has blossomed, and the population has grown a lot since my beginnings here, I love that people I have known for years still visit me every day. One of the biggest rewards of my more than twenty years in dentistry has been to watch patients grow from small children into successful adults with families of their own. Some of our patients are now the fourth generation of families the Hill family has been proud to serve.

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I moved to Kelowna with my family in 1970 when I was just nine months old. My father had been a dentist with the Canadian Armed Forces and opened his dental practice in Kelowna on Sutherland Avenue in 1971. I grew up in what is now called Old Glenmore (back then, it was just Glenmore) on the edge of Knox Mountain. I graduated from Kelowna Secondary School in 1987 and from the UBC Faculty of Dentistry in 1997. I moved back to Kelowna to join my father’s practice that same year, later purchasing the practice from my father in 1999 and named it Reflections Dental Centre. I relocated the practice to its current location in the Orchard Plaza professional building in 2009.

I am by nature a very meticulous individual, and that probably best describes how I approach dentistry. Even as a child, I was a perfectionist, raised by my parents to always do things to the best of my ability and to treat others as I would myself. It is that ethic that I bring to my practice of dentistry. I am artistic by nature, and those people that know me best, know that I grew up loving to draw. As a teenager, I discovered photography and it has become an increasingly important creative outlet for me in my adult years. In fact, the walls of my office are covered in photographs I have taken. Needless to say, the artistic side of dentistry is part of what I love about it. That, and the fact that it is detail-oriented as well as intellectually stimulating and continually evolving, keeps the dentistry side of the profession always interesting for me.

When I am not in the office I love hiking, photography, travelling, skiing, and working out. I enjoy listening to music and going to concerts, working outside in the yard and camping. I like to cook, although my wife says I don’t do it nearly enough. I have lived in Lake Louise, Toronto and Vancouver and travelled to several countries throughout the world. Wherever I have been, I have always felt proud and blessed in the good fortune that I live, work and play in one of the greatest places on earth – Kelowna.


Dr. Graham Hill is also a talented photographer. View his portfolio site for a  gallery of his photography.

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